i feel like i’m going to end up like my dad. i need help.

hi. i’m having a bad weed trip from last night and extreme depressive thoughts.

It's okay not to be okay, we may not be in control of what comes our way,but am certain pain doesn't last long. God is in control and as long as you're still here on earth you have a purpose. Hang in there. 

  Coming from someone who's not okay but is positive, I wish you the same mindset, you are Loved,and if it helps come vent under this post , let's talk it out until you don't feel the much pressure. ❤️

So currently I'm an intern at a media house that demands perfect execution of all tasks, like 100% perfect, and the pressure here is too much, I dread reporting to work on most days. Nobody talks about interns mental health and thats sad, I definitely wasn't prepared for this.

Also I'm in the middle of a sexual orientation crisis, I don't know what I want anymore (curiosity). Nothing seems to be working, zero progress it's almost as if my life has stagnated, it isn't what I'd envisioned life would be at 23, it sucks.

Please help.

Anyone know of a safe space(besides here) where I can get help?? I've attempted suicide today and I'm unsuccessful(clearly) I want to turn things around..I really do

How are you guys making new friends just like that? Nafind imekuwa ngori kumake mabeshte wapya

I wish I had the courage to do it. (Kill myself). I'm not strong enough or good enough. life is not worth living. Its a struggle. Day in day out. when will I ever rest. I am broken and tired... living with someone who makes you feel you are not enough every single day, and nowhere to run to as the family you should run to is more more broken. I feel trapped I cant breath. the walls are closing in on me. I want to fall asleep and never wake up because the day only reminds me how my efforts are all in futility. my education is not enough. I am a bad mother, a bad wife and I hate myself for it.

its okay to break, its okay to let it win -that trouble, that challenge

its okay to get defeated once in a while

its okay to make mistakes

its okay to get overwhelmed,

we are humans after all.

yet its because we are humans that we get wise after mistakes

we get up after a knock out

we pick ourselves up after being broken to pieces

we breathe in deeply, then out after an overwhelming situation

we are humans after all

look at that challenge, when you start feeling frustrated...

that's when you let it go, look it from another perspective and always remember...

and always tell yourself out aloud...

I AM SMARTER than this challenge

you will loose a battle or two, but always keep it in you that you will win the war

WE are HUMANS after all

don't forget to breathe. sometimes it's all you have to do.

it's okay to not have all the answers. it's okay to be seeking, no matter what age you are.

there is no blueprint.

it's okay to be different, to be alone. there is strength in this.

it's okay to hit rock bottom.

as long as there is breath within you when you wake up, just live.